GP Registrars

Talybont Surgery is a training practice. This means we are involved in the training of doctors to become GPs. Our trainees are all fully qualified doctors and are at various stages of the training process. All will have worked in hospital prior to joining the practice and some will be towards the end of their training.

Trainees are able to offer the same treatments as the rest of the doctors, they can prescribe, refer and arrange hospital admission if required.

The supervision they receive depends on their experience. The less experienced trainees will review all their patients with one of the partners while those with more experience will function more autonomously, seeking advice when required.

Medical Students

Our practice teaches medical students from both Swansea University and Cardiff University. You might sometimes be asked to be seen either with a medical student present or to consult with a medical student prior to seeing the doctor.

We are very grateful for your assistance in the training of medical students, seeing patients in general practice is an important part of their training, whether they intend to become GPs or not. We would reassure you that while the medical students are asked to suggest a management plan they will not be making decisions about your care, this will be decided by the supervising GP in partnership with yourself.

We fully understand that you may prefer not to take part in this and you are free to refuse consent. Refusal will not have any influence on the care provided to you.