Services during the coronavirus pandemic

This page will be updated regularly to reflect the situation as it evolves during the current crisis.

We are trying our utmost to provide as much help as we can to our patients but clearly there are severe restrictions on this.

We will not post specific coronavirus advice directly on here, it changes frequently and we don’t want to be giving incorrect advice. Please visit for advice. Please read the guidance there carefully before contacting us for advice, we can only reiterate the advice given on there regarding isolation etc. There is information on there about what to do if your symptoms are worsening or have lasted more than 7 days. We have specifically been advised NOT to see anyone suspected of being infected with the virus.

If you want advice about a non-coronavirus medical problem please contact us via the askmyGP service. This is our new online service to allow you to seek our help with medical problems without queuing on the telephone. Please do not come to the surgery.

Repeat Prescriptions

We are issuing repeat prescriptions as usual. We are trying to issue ‘post dated’ prescriptions, i.e. you are likely to be issued 3 one month prescriptions. The future dated prescriptions cannot be dispensed until the date shown on the prescription. This reduces your visits to the surgery while protecting pharmacy stocks. Your prescriptions can be collected form the surgery in the usual way, please come alone and do not come to the surgery if you or a member of your household has any symptoms of infection. If you’d like to collect your medicines direct from the pharmacy please let us know when you request them.


If you are on warfarin and usually have your INR blood tests done in the surgery, please contact us for advice regarding this. It may be possible to change your treatment to one which does not require such rigorous monitoring. Our clinical pharmacist Jazz will be coordinating this.

Baby clinic

We are continuing to run our baby clinic, it’s very important that your child receives the full course of immunisations on time. However, we will space the appointments out and ask you to wait in your car until you are called in, our staff will explain this to you. Please do not bring unwell children to the clinic, contact us via the askmyGP service.

Nursing services

Our nurses are continuing to provide essential services when patients need wounds dressing or injections. For patients with long term conditions such as asthma, COPD and diabetes, they will provide support and regular reviews via telephone.